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03 Oct Barnsley House Wedding

I remember visiting Barnsley House years ago, when it was owned by Rosemary Verey.  Not only did I love looking around the gardens but I remember being so inspired by the wonderful walkways and vegetable gardens – wondering how I could incorporate some of the ideas in to my own garden…. needless to say I  haven’t done that yet and I’m still wondering.   You can imagine my delight when I was asked to supply flowers for Jane and Neil’s wedding at Barnsley House in mid May this year.  Jane and Susan (Susan was Jane’s right hand woman – or best flower buddy) came to our first meeting with a clear idea and vision of how they wanted the day to look, which was great and they were also completely open to any suggestions I made.  Our joint ethos was to try and reuse as many of the floral decorations from the ceremony area (the gorgeous outside temple in the grounds of Barnsley House)  in and around the venue after the ceremony was over.

To this end I designed a couple of floral panels to stand either side of the entrance to the temple which were then moved to the window areas in the dining room. The floral trays at the base of the panels were moved to the window sills in the dining room, giving the space a gorgeous spring meadow feel.  The flowers that decorated the back row of the ceremony chairs were used to decorate the cake table area, they were arranged end to end to form a floral garland.

The wedding day set up rushed by for me and I found I only had one or two very poor iphone images of the flowers ( the story of my floral life!) so I was over the moon when the wonderful Ria Mishaal (photographer) contacted me after the wedding to ask if I’d like to use any of the floral images from the wedding if Jane and Neil were happy for me to do so.  Absolutely! That was a big fat yes from me.  I’m very happy to say that Jane and Neil have very kindly agreed to me using them too, so a big thank you to all of you as I’m so pleased to able to share them.   Jane and Susan you were an absolute joy to work with and i miss you!

A huge thank you to the amazing freelancers who worked with me on this job, I wasn’t firing on all cylinders at the time and couldn’t have done it without them.  Faye Briggs, Cindy Warne, Amanda Luther, Sophie Wrench, Dora Leonard

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