Spring's a-coming... let's get designing with bulbs "White Spring Tableau" - Fiona Perry Flowers
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07 Feb Spring’s a-coming… let’s get designing with bulbs “White Spring Tableau”

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Last Spring Julie Davenport and I spent the afternoon with a plethora of white spring bulbs and flowers, moss, beech leaves, linen, candles, a beetle, green stemmed glassware, 1930’s cake stand and vintage chandelier crystals…. we had ourselves a “White Spring Tableau” (Julie’s words not mine… she’s good with words) set up.
I wanted to create an opulent design for the table to reflect the transition of seasons with the warmth of soft candle light reflecting in the crystals sitting comfortably with the new shoots of Spring.

I love the form of a shooting bulb – roots and all, to me it’s utterly beautiful and I never tire of them. Bulbs are multifaceted bundles of energy, they can be pulled apart and used to add another dimension to a design and then planted out to continue flowering year after year. The plant that just keeps giving!
For this photo shoot we used white muscari bulbs (in their “almost” flowering stage), ranunculus, snowdrops, tulips, helleborus, hyacinth bulbs.  The hyacinth bulbs were popped on a bed of moss and placed into crystal cut glass wine glasses, beech leaves scattered amongst crystals tied with soft hand dyed silk…. Julie snapped away as the gloomy March day gave way to the warm candlelit Winter/Spring scene which was so welcome in our little studio.
Dates for our Designing with Spring Bulbs flower workshops in the Cotswolds will be coming soon.

Email Fiona Perry for details or if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

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