"The People Look Like Flowers At Last" Charles Bukowski - part one - Fiona Perry Flowers
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09 Feb “The People Look Like Flowers At Last” Charles Bukowski – part one

Writing doesn’t come naturally for me, I’m a visual person who likes to make a plan and then enjoys going off piste (that’s where the real fun’s at). So as I start to write a blog finding a title is a big struggle, can take a day/two days or even a week. It’s the beginning after all, the attention grabber. I’ll try all manner of things to find the words that’ll light the fire in me. So today I’m meandering around a well known search engine looking for wordy inspiration and I come across “The People Look Like Flowers At Last” – I like this, it intrigues me and makes me want to explore further…. and boy oh boy I’m not disappointed, for this is the title of a book of poems by Charles Bukowski. In my short initial research it appears Charles, or Buk to some, lived a life. As my friend Doug would say “I’m going in…” Charles B is now on my list.
To the flowers… Ranunculus was the word I popped into the search engine and look where it got me, viewing life through another’s perspective, how fantastic. When I walk in to the flower studio in the mornings the gorgeous scent of flowers and foliage envelopes me like a soft blanket, it lifts my spirit and I physically feel the emotion in my stomach.  I even find myself (embarrassed to say this) greeting them with “Morning flowers” every single time I go in there.   The same feeling comes over me when I look deep in to the upturned face of a ranunculus, the many soft papery layers of petals draw me in to the centre of this truly beautiful flower, so strong on stem and yet fragile with it’s soft multiple layers.  To me it’s the signifier of spring, the range of beautiful colours reflect myriad emotions.

I’ve chosen images of pink ranunculus today as a gentle nod to Valentines Day (it doesn’t always have to be roses!).  The photographs of Ranunculus shown here are from Julie Davenport‘s Decorative Art Edition Library.  Julie gets up close and personal with the ranunculus flowers in her portraits, which is what I absolutely love about her work. You can’t help but be drawn in to the very soul of these beautiful flowers.


05.0417 Jpeg













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