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07 Nov The Times They Are A-Changin’


Blimey they are indeed Bob.  As I look out at the first sprinkling of frost in the cutting garden, on the eve of this contentious American election, I’m wondering what we will wake up to on Wednesday morning. It’s been an odd year, to put it mildly.
The seasons are a-changin too, which is one continuum I feel safe with, it keeps me grounded, helps me focus (which isn’t easy at times) and makes me appreciate the beautiful countryside I live in. Sometimes I get so busy and distracted that I forget to stop and look.  With every season comes change… “an act or process through which something becomes different”. When the seasons change I see it as a reminder to stop and take time out to see how the countryside around me is morphing, from summer to autumn and then dramatically to winter.  I’m lucky, I’m surrounded by beautiful undulating Cotswold hills, woodland, streams, rivers and fields.   If I plan my day properly and start work at stupid o’clock,  I can still make the most of these ridiculous short days of early winter and nip out for a quick bike ride in the middle of the day.  The time out on my bike is my time to look, think, plot, plan and wonder why it is that Bob Dylan’s song entered my head space…..To be honest I’m rather pleased it was Bob and not Terry Jacks “Seasons in the Sun”

With this change of season it’s time to bed down the Dahlias, plant tulip bulbs and get ready for winter….
Before the first heavy frost had arrived I invited photographer  Julie Davenport to come, look and photograph the “purple haze” of a Dahlia patch I had in my cutting garden.  It was my first year for Dahlias so I wasn’t really sure what to expect and how successful they would be, but those babies didn’t disappoint, I was able to cut for months – right up until the first frost.  It was so liberating to be able to go out and cut masses of beautifully textured heads and be able to have the freedom to use them however I wanted. Next year I intend to extend the growing patch……and “go wild in the country”…..


Dahlia, Fiona Perry Flowers,

Dahlia, Fiona Perry Flowers,





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